Core Stretch Routine

CORE STRETCH ROUTINE The core stretch is a basic routine to cover all the major muscle groups of the core.  To maximize the effects and benefits of stretching and to improve flexibility stretch the muscles you are training before and after each workout. Use the guidelines below for proper stretching technique:     Warm up […]

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Dumbbell-Bench Workout 2

The Dumbbell-Bench Workout 2 is a circuit of 6 resistance/strength training exercises using dumbbells that make up one round with each exercise being performed for 10-20 reps. Depending on your level of fitness and workout experience, there are several points throughout the workout that are designated for quick breaks.  Take breaks throughout the workout as […]

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Beginner Core Workout 1

The core consists of all the muscles around your midsection with the primary muscles being the rectus abdominus (abs), obliques and erector spinae (low back). These muscles play a vital role in spine stabilization, balance and coordination—all of which are important in day-to-day activities. A strong core can also reduce lower back pain, improve sports […]

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Jump Squats

Jump Squats is an advanced level cardio exercise. Start with a feet in a wide stance. Drop your hips down to the bottom of a squat while dropping your arms down to your side. Once you reach the bottom, swing your arms up and use your legs simultaneously to jump off the ground. Your arms […]

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