Ball Crossover Crunches

Ball Crossover Crunches is an intermediate level core exercise. This is variation of the crunch that focuses more attention on one specific side of the abs. Start with your back on top of the physio-ball with your feet on the ground and one hand up behind your head (just above the neck) and the other hand on your stomach. Contract your abs and lift your head and torso up while bring your elbow diagonally across your body to produce the crossover movement. Come up as high as you can without rolling forward on the physio-ball or bringing your chin down to your chest. Once you reach the top of the range of motion slowly lower back down so that your upper body is below waist height. To keep your head and neck in the right position, pick a spot on the ceiling and keep your gaze fixed on it. This will ensure proper technique. Perform the designated number of reps on one side then switch to the other side

Core | Intermediate | Rectus Abdominus (Abs), Obliques | Equipment: Physio-ball