Beginner Core Workout 1

The core consists of all the muscles around your midsection with the primary muscles being the rectus abdominus (abs), obliques and erector spinae (low back). These muscles play a vital role in spine stabilization, balance and coordination—all of which are important in day-to-day activities. A strong core can also reduce lower back pain, improve sports performance, and improve posture.The core muscles act as the connecting component between your upper and lower body.  Many of the exercises found in the intermediate and advanced workouts require a smooth transfer of energy and motion between the upper and lower body through the core muscles. Therefore, your improvement and progression with your fitness program is directly related to core muscle foundation you create.

The Beginner Core Workout 1 is designed to build a foundation and strengthen your core through a circuit of 4 basic exercises that make up one full round with each exercise being performed for 15-25 reps. Start with a number of rounds and reps that you can perform with good form and technique. Before you start this workout routine and any one of our workout routines, be sure to review the demos for each exercise and practice them until you are confident in your ability to do them correctly. Proper form and technique are essential to maximizing your results and minimizing your risk of injury.

Warmup for 1-2 minutes before you start the workout by practicing the exercises that you will be performing. After each round take a 30-60 second break (longer if you need it) before starting the next round. Use this extended break time to record your notes from that round including how many breaks you took, when you took the breaks and for how long as well as any other notes that you would like to include. When you revisit this workout, you can refer back to your notes and try to best your previous performance. And don’t forget to stretch! Particularly any areas that feel sore or tight.

All of our core workouts are designed to be done as a separate workout or can be included with any other workout that doesn’t incorporate core. Depending on your level of fitness and workout experience, there are several points throughout the workout that are designated for quick breaks.  Take breaks throughout the workout as needed. Prior to progressing to the intermediate core circuits, you should be able to complete the entire beginner core circuits to completion with good form and technique.

This workout can be performed either indoors or outdoors as it requires no equipment.



Core | Beginner | Time: 5-10 min | Sets: 2-5 | Reps: 15-25 | Equipment: None


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