Take’s Take: Blame it on the Alcohol

I am often asked what is the best drink to have if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. The answer is simple: water, duh! Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the answer most people want to hear when they are inquiring about drinking alcohol. The truth is alcohol doesn’t make you fat—at […]

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Fit Fast Food: Wendy’s

If you have seen my video “SH*T Personal Trainers Say”, you should remember my fast food scenes–those were my favorite skits to shoot. Of all the fast food joints out there, Wendy’s happens to be my favorite…not that I visit often or anything! Wendy’s actually happens to have some good healthier options on their menu. […]

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Take’s Take: Are Carbs Really Bad for You? Good vs. Bad (but they taste so good!)

Carbohydrates always seem to get the blame when it comes to obesity and gaining weight. With an overload of information available on the internet and “expert nutritional advice” from our friends, it’s becoming increasingly difficult—not to mention frustrating—trying to decipher between fact, fiction and everything in between.  Contrary to a lot of the inaccurate information […]

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What is the Best Cardio?

What is the best form of cardiovascular exercise? The easiest answer is whatever you enjoy doing the most…or in some cases, whatever form of cardio you can tolerate the most! Ideally, if there is some physical activity you already like to do such as basketball, tennis or cycling, I recommend participating in those activities.  In […]

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Take’s Top Ten: Healthy Snacks

It’s the middle of the day—somewhere between lunch and dinner—when all of a sudden you hear your stomach growling. Uh oh!  You just ate a few hours ago but it’s too early for dinner so what do you do?? Grab a healthy snack of course! Throughout the course of day—particularly between breakfast and lunch or […]

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My Juicing Journey: Third Cleanse

Now that it’s been two weeks since I finished my third juice cleanse (you can read about my first two HERE and HERE) I figured it would be a good time to write about my experience since my eating habits and body are back to normal. All three of them have been slightly different so […]

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