Lunges is a beginner level lower body exercise. Start in a standing position with both feet side by side. Step out with one leg with a stride slightly larger than your normal walking stride. As your lead foot hits the ground, drop the opposite knee towards the ground (be sure to not hit the ground! Trust me, it will hurt!). Make sure that your lead leg heel is pressed to the ground and the knee is not moving past your toes. Your lead leg should be at a 90 degree angle at the knee. From the bottom position you can either push back with the front leg, driving through the heel, to the initial position or step forward with the opposite leg for walking lunges. Be sure to breathe out as you are pushing back up to the top position. Throughout the exercise, make sure to keep proper posture with your back straight and chest up. Avoid “lunging” your body weight forward. Instead, focus on lowering your body perpendicular to the floor. If you are just starting out with lunges, I recommend bringing the opposite leg even with the front leg then repeating with opposite leg first for walking lunges. This gives you a moment to get your balance and focus on the next repetition.


Lower Body | Beginner | Glutes (Butt), Hamstrings, Quadriceps (Quads)