Medicine Ball Workout 2

The Medicine Ball Workout 2 is a circuit of 8 resistance/strength training exercises using a medicine ball that make up one round. Unlike the Dumbbell-Bench Workout series, you will only be using one medicine ball as resistance instead of two dumbbells so the weight will be lighter, therefore, the reps will be higher (20-30 per exercise). Depending on your level of fitness and workout experience, there are several points throughout the workout that are designated for quick breaks.  Take breaks throughout the workout as needed.

  • 30-60 second break after every 2 exercises
  • 30-60 second break after 3 exercises or the half way point
  • 1-2 minute break after the full round of 6 exercises.

Before you start this workout routine and any one of our workout routines, be sure to review the demos for each exercise and practice them until you are confident in your ability to do them correctly. DO NOT compromise form or technique to finish a rep or set! Pick weights that you can comfortably manage with slow and controlled range of motion and use as few sets of dumbbells as possible to maximize workout efficiency (two or three is ideal). If you are not sure how which weight to use start off with a lighter set. You can always use a heavier set of dumbbells for the next round.

Warmup for 3-5 minutes by practicing the exercises that you will be performing. After each round take a 1-2 minute break (longer if you need it) before starting the next round. Use this extended break time to record your notes from that round including any mid circuit breaks you took and the number of reps you completed. When you revisit this workout, you can refer back to your notes and try to best your previous performance. And don’t forget to stretch! Particularly any areas that feel sore or tight.



Full Body: Resistance/Strength | Time: 20-30 min | Rounds: 3-5 | Reps: 20-30 | Equipment: Medicine Ball


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