Push Ups

Push Ups is an intermediate level upper body exercise. The standard Push Up is a versatile exercise that can be incorporated in both strength training and cardiovascular training as it promotes both strength and conditioning. Start with your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart with your arms straight and feet on the ground with your legs together and straight. Keeping your body straight, slowly lower to the bottom of the push up position with your chest 3-5 inches off the ground. Once you reached the bottom of the pushup, breathe out and lift yourself back up to the top position. Make sure your hips are not dropping or your butt is sticking up as you perform the push up. An easier version of the push up can be performed on your knees. In this position, keep your feet up and butt down so your body is in a straight line. You can also perform half-rep pushups in either the standard or knee variation until you build up the necessary strength and endurance to perform the full push up.


Upper Body | Intermediate | Chest (Pectorals, Pecs), Triceps