At Shuichi Take Fitness, our philosophy is simple: incorporate “healthier” lifestyle habits to your daily routine so that you can live a better quality of life. Regardless of your level of fitness and experience, everyone can be healthier than they currently are. Our goal is to provide information and direction for anyone who wants to look better and live healthier.

Our content-driven website is designed to offer fitness and nutritional guidance to create long-term healthier lifestyle habits. Our workout videos and informative articles will empower and motivate you to start taking the necessary steps to improve your body as well as your mindset towards nutrition and exercise.

In addition to our online resource, Shuichi Take Fitness offers high-quality personal training services throughout the Miami and Miami Beach areas. Other services include:

Shuichi Take Fitness is also the main fitness contributor to the popular South Beach Challenge; an online community designed to support and encourage healthier lifestyle habits. In addition to home workout videos, the South Beach Challenge boasts a variety of innovate features including:

  • Personalized profiles with progress photos, goals and achievements
  • Engaging game-like features to keep members motivated and consistent
  • A positive support system created by the members of the Community
  • Groups based on your goals, common interests and who’s in your area
  • An extensive library of ST Instafit Meals™; healthier meals that are quick, easy and inexpensive


To get more information or to join for FREE, go to

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