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For employers, the benefit of corporate wellness programs is mitigating the cost rising health care costs by offering a preventative service to lower expenses, both direct and indirect, associated with unhealthy employees such as:

  • Lower medial costs (by 26.6%*)
  • Fewer sick days/less absenteeism (by 25.3%*)
  • Reduction in workers comp costs (by 40.7%*)
  • Lower disability costs (by 24.2%*)

* Proof Positive: An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of Worksite Wellness, Sixth Edition, 2007

Most corporate wellness programs focus on educating employees on the risks of unhealthy lifestyle habits with health fairs, seminars, screenings and assessments. The objective is to promote a healthy workplace by encouraging employees to make healthy lifestyle changes such as quit smoking, exercising and eating healthier. The education is the easy part. The hard part, and where the real challenge lies, is the implementation where accountability and engagement is typically neglected. Without a method to follow up and follow through with employees, many corporate wellness programs often fail to have a lasting impact on employee’s health.

For companies that have the luxury of having an on-site wellness center or fitness facility, implementing a healthy culture is a much simpler task. For those that don’t, offering on-site fitness classes can be an option, but it does come at an expense to the employer. Encouraging employees to join gyms and even covering part if not all of the membership fees is another option, but that too incurs a cost—one that employees may be reluctant to incur.

When resources are limited, how does a company inspire a healthy culture that can motivate employees and encourage themScreen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.11.50 PM participate with a wellness program? By creating an engaging community with game mechanics, competitive challenges, and social accountability that rewards employees for staying consistent and supporting one another, that’s how!

Using our healthy lifestyle community, South Beach Challenge, we provide companies with a unique platform that incorporates technology, gamification and competition to create a fun and engaging corporate wellness solution. Our innovative approach combines the peer interaction of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook with the addictive nature of point-driven games such as Candy Crush and Pokemon Go to appeal to the impulses of many employees to be digitally connected. By doing so, our healthy lifestyle community creates a positive and competitive company attitude towards improving health, which in turn, inspires employees to motivate and encourage each other as they create healthy lifestyle habits.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.11.16 PMCorporate Community Platform Features:

  • Workout videos
  • Healthier meal recipes
  • Private groups dedicated for teams/departments
  • Nutrition and meal planning guidance
  • Healthy lifestyle blogs
  • Individual employee analytics with engagement activity
  • Employer sponsored contest and rewards
  • Support and HR consulting

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