What is the Best Cardio?

What is the best form of cardiovascular exercise? The easiest answer is whatever you enjoy doing the most…or in some cases, whatever form of cardio you can tolerate the most! Ideally, if there is some physical activity you already like to do such as basketball, tennis or cycling, I recommend participating in those activities.  In […]

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High Knees

High Knees is a beginner level cardio exercise that similar to running in place but with an added emphasis on bringing your knees up high. Bring your opposite hand up—simulating a sprinting or running motion—as you bring your knees up. While performing this exercise want to have a slight lean backwards. EXERCISE BREAKDOWN Cardio | […]

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Timed Cardio Workout 5

The Timed Cardio Workout 5 is a circuit of 3 cardio exercises with each exercise being performed for anywhere between 10-20 reps. Depending on your level of fitness, you can modify each exercise with a lower-intensity exercise outlined below. With the timed workouts, each round is set for a period of time instead of number […]

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