Take’s Take: Blame it on the Alcohol

I am often asked what is the best drink to have if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. The answer is simple: water, duh! Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the answer most people want to hear when they are inquiring about drinking alcohol. The truth is alcohol doesn’t make you fat—at […]

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Fit Fast Food: Wendy’s

If you have seen my video “SH*T Personal Trainers Say”, you should remember my fast food scenes–those were my favorite skits to shoot. Of all the fast food joints out there, Wendy’s happens to be my favorite…not that I visit often or anything! Wendy’s actually happens to have some good healthier options on their menu. […]

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Fit Fast Food: Taco Bell

I have to admit that when I first saw the commercial for Taco Bell’s Dorito taco I had to try it. A Dorito taco shell, c’mon?! Hey, if you went to high school in the 90’s—before websites, documentaries and viral videos showed us just how bad fast food is and how it’s made—you know you […]

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Fit Fast Food: Burger King

While watching TV the other day, I serendipitously happened to see the Burger King commercial for their veggie and turkey burger. It’s been a while since I wrote a Fit Fast Food blog so the timing was perfect. Now my first thought was “WTF is Burger King doing coming out with a veggie burger and […]

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