Dumbbell-Bench Workout 3

The Dumbbell-Bench Workout 3 is a circuit of 8 resistance/strength training exercises using dumbbells that make up one round with each exercise being performed for 10-20 reps. Depending on your level of fitness and workout experience, there are several points throughout the workout that are designated for quick breaks.  Take breaks throughout the workout as […]

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Timed Body Weight Workout 2

The Timed Full Body Workout 2 is a circuit of 7 calisthenic exercises (any exercise that uses your body weight as resistance) with each exercise being performed for 10 reps (some exercises will require 5 reps per right and left side). This is a resistance/strength training workout that incorporates cardio with the timed workout structure. […]

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V Push Ups

V Push Ups is an advanced level upper body exercise that is a variation of the push up that simulates the shoulder press movement. Start with your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart. The main difference between with V push up is you are going to place your hands in front of your head […]

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